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30 Mar 2016

=Free Screen Recorder Download=

With Android 4.4 KitKat having launched with the Nexus 5 were still digging from the latest features for developers and users alike. One of several features within the latest Operating system could be the capacity to record the screen of one's device. This selection was created for developers who would like to liven up Play Store listings using a video walk-through of an app. However i see pointless that developers ought to be the only ones to take advantage of this awesome feature.

Before I dive into how you can record the screen of the Android device, you have to know typically the sole method to work with this feature is through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The ADB is a tool utilized by developers combined with the Android SDK to talk with a tool at the command line level. There will probably eventually be apps entirely on the Play Store which will make screen recording extremely simple to work with, but for now you'll need to have ADB setup and turn into somewhat at ease with it. Droid-Life has talked about one particular app from the Play Store, but I've yet to make it to function on my small Nexus 5. Your luck may vary.

OK, now that that's out of the way. Launch in to the command line using your Android 4.4 device associated with your laptop or computer and enter in the command to record your screen:

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/demo.mp4

You are able to further customize the speed at which it captures video, how long it records (the default duration is 3-minutes) as well as the size of the recording in terms of resolution.

Another illustration of an order to record a video could be:

adb shell screenrecord --bit-rate 8000000 --time-limit 30 /sdcard/kitkat.mp4

The above mentioned command would record at 8Mbps, rather than default 4Mbps, for the amount of 30-seconds and save it towards the Sdcard in your device with the name of KitKat. You can find a full report on commands for screenrecord here around the Android Developer Site.

Should you want to offer this a try but aren't quite sure where to start with ADB, Android Central includes a helpful guide which make it all sound and feel pretty easy. 

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