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30 Mar 2016

=Free Screen Recorder Download=

Recording Android screen nowadays, is similar to taking screenshot noisy . era of android. Remember ! how one would need to root their device to take screenshot, the good news is it�s built-in feature. Similarly, earlier it turned out hard to record android screen, however, not anymore.

You might want to record your Android screen for various reasons. For example, you wish to make a tutorial on Android, app demo video for Goggle play, troubleshoot an issue for client etc.

Why it�s simple to record screen on lollipop then others

Android running Kitkat, allow users to record screen but only if these devices is rooted. Yes there are not many workarounds however they are complicated.

Whilst in Android 5 i.e. lollipop, you are able to record screen with breeze. No root or any complicated steps. Why? Well all credits travels to its kernel.

But rather than covering only lollipop, we will have all the others strategy to record screen. We are going to cover different screen recording apps and find the very best based on performance, free vs paid, compatibility issue of course, if they might need root access you aren't.

Record Android Screen (ROOT)

Let�s begin with something simple.

1. Rec

After testing few popular ones, I liked �Rec� one of the most. Why? Well it�s free, present you with replacement for record sound, no watermarks on recording, choice to choose various bit-rate, but most importantly output quality is pretty decent as can rival other free alternative.

REC doesn�t require ROOT in case you are running lollipop. Click here to determine how rec work (animated gif)


But it does has some downside, as an illustration the disposable form of this app permits you to record video as much as 5 min long, plus no hand gesture recorded.

This really is not a serious problem, as you can begin another recording after 5 min and then join two clips using any video editor. And hey, don�t forget it�s free!

Download Rec from Google Play.

2. Mirror Beta

It�s a measure in advance of Rec. Mirror beta not simply record your android screen but sometimes also cast your screen to Chrome browser, Apple TV and possibly on other android.

Like Rec, Mirror Beta also record sound from microphone with high quality recording upto 30 mins. But sadly it lets you do requires root access as well as leaves its watermark around the recording. This is best for considering presentation. If don�t want the watermark then either upgrade or get chromecast.

Record Android Screen (No ROOT)

Let just say, you have no mood to root your Android, then how do you record your screen? There are many apps on the internet play, which claim to record screen without root. However many either don�t work or perhaps the video quality is detrimental.

However there 2 exceptions

1. It is possible to record your Android�s screen by connecting your phone together with your PC via USB after which apply certain commands

2. Additionally, you can get your hands on Android 5.0 lollipop and record screen with an ease. Like we've got discuss above

I recognize, none present in methods sound charming. But sadly fundamental essentials only possibilities open? So starting using the first one.

3. Record Android Screen with Computer 

There are many apps on the internet Play claiming to record Android screen but you'll need to take your pc as well. However they usually don�t work. I really suggest you are attempting this tutorial on labnol. To give you an understanding, this is exactly what we're doing

1. Activate developer mode and USB debugging on Android

2. Connect your non-rooted android for your computer

3. Install Android sdk on your computer

4. Pass commands from a PC in your android to record it�s screen

This may not be the simplest way to record screen. The setup needs time to work. Cut when investing in the hold of hit, it truely does work like no bodies business.

4. Record Android screen in Lollipop

If your device support Android 5.x lollipop then you can definitely easily record your Android screen without root.

I have been previously by using this REC and A-Z screen Recorder because of this from quite a while. And both of them works like a charm on my own Nexus 7 tablet. Browse the following video recorder with a-z screen recorder on Android 5.0 lollipop.

A-Z screen record is not only free and also provide you with choice to record sound and enables you to choose various bit rate. Another highlight is no recording limit or watermarks.

=No Root=


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